Tuesday, September 14, 2010


On the day of Ms Mouthy's creation one of the popular bloggerazzis she follows Whale Oil Beef Hooked was really told off....NAHT! Times are a changing with instantaneous exchanges of information and the proliferation of social networking, it seems controlling the masses is becoming increasingly difficult.
Judge David Harvey who presided over the Whales so called demise did manage an utterance that contrasted sharply with the point he was trying to uphold, he said "The silent majority is no longer silent."

The silent majority is changing the world of information sharing and more and more of us have the opportunity to voice our opinions and beliefs publicly. After all, the big mouthed minority have had free reign and powers Superman would envy regarding the coverage and direction the masses have received the 'facts' for far too long.

Ms Mouthy has no idea what direction her wine addled cerebral cortex will take her on her blogging journey but certainly looks forward to taking advantage of the medium. 

Does Ms Mouthy agree with the Whales views regarding name suppression laws? Not entirely, but I do agree with the sentiments of evening up the playing field, for sure!